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1880 LONDON LINE, Sarnia, ON


EST. 2017



Women's Weight Training Program

GluteCamp is a progressive overload style training program designed for women to get strong af and build muscle🍑. We build & shape strong glutes, but also train to develop overall, full-body strength and a bad-ass feminine physique.

Learn how to properly activate and train the glutes, work up to pull-ups, increase your push-up game, bench press, get strong af, increase energy and improve mental health.

GluteCamp is open to EVERY level of fitness & every exercise can and will be adapted to you. Whether you're brand new or a veteran, you will be challenged to make progress at your own pace.

GC is a fun and supportive environment created so that together you can kick-ass, build glutes, and feel f*cking great.


GC 1


  • NO CARDIO! This is a weight training program, meaning we use weights & machines. There are no high intensity cardio exercises, no running, no jumping or anything high impact!
    (with 2 exceptions: once in a while we use the punching bags or do ball slams)

  • Fully demonstrated exercises, step by steps of proper form, technique and cues

  • Group training with a small group of supportive women! It's like personal training but instead of spending $50-$100 per hour, it's ~$11.25-$12.50 per session and A HELLUVA LOT MORE FUN!

  • The basic and staple exercises needed to achieve maximum muscle development

  • Variety of set up & exercises so training doesn’t get repetitive or boring!!

  • 10+ progressive overload training methods

  • 15+ different types of sets in order to continuously achieve muscle hypertrophy

  • Our personal tips, tricks and insight along the way!🍑

  • Super kick ass CREW🖤


  • You are addicted to checking the scale for weight loss

  • You are thinking "maybe I'll try it" with no intention to commit

  • You love cardio

  • You are highly competitive

  • You aren't ready to build muscle and feel strong af


  • You want to learn how to lift weights and get STRONG AF

  • You dislike cardio

  • You are MENTALLY prepared to crush your goals, but don't really know how

  • You are ready to join an amazing CREW of strong, supportive, and fun ladies

  • You are ready to COMMIT

  • You are looking for a program that will push your limits

  • You can tolerate a moderate amount of swearing & humor and laughs (: