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If so, you're in the right place.

I started GLUTECAMP in 2017 to help women gain confidence in the gym, get strong af, and feel their f*cking best.




3 Day Programs

GC 1



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3 training split: 2 glute focused leg days + 1 full upper body & ab day

 Access to my custom app that makes training, progressing and keeping track of workouts easier

 Short, 20 second to 3 minute, in-depth video tutorials for each exercise. Including step by steps of proper form, technique and cues so that you can feel confident you're doing the exercises correctly

 The basic and staple exercises needed to achieve maximum muscle development

 Build & shaping strong glutes, and develop overall, full-body strength and a bad-ass feminine physique (with time and hard work)

 A variety of my favourite supplementary & accessory exercises so training doesn’t get repetitive or boring!!

 Scientifically proven progressive overload training methods and techniques to continuously achieve muscle hypertrophy

 App integrations: Apple watch, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Withings

 Habit setting

 Access to the exclusive fb group so you can connect with other likeminded
women who will support you, celebrate progress and & help keep you

 & More!

(This is not one on one training/coaching)

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You will need GYM EQUIPMENT

We'll be using:

  • Dumbbells

  • Adjustable bench

  • Olympic bar & plates

  • Bands

  • Cable machine / pulley

  • Squat rack / smith machine

  • & other machines

I highly recommend investing in a gym membership/environment that you are going to love the MOST (even if it costs a bit more). It's important to enjoy your workouts and LOVE your gym! Choose the right one.

weight Training for maximum
glute building
Full body strength

GluteCamp is a progressive overload style training program designed for women to get strong af and build muscle🍑. With this program you will build & shape strong glutes + develop overall, full-body strength and a bad-ass feminine physique (but only with hard work and consistency of course).

If some of your goals are to build strong, shapely glutes, learn how to work up to pull-ups, increase your push-up game, and just feel powerful & f*cking GREAT in general, I GOTCHU!

GluteCamp is adaptable to any level of fitness but is only for those who are serious about building muscle and KICKING ASS!! It will continue to push and challenge you as you get stronger. Because well.. 100 air squats just aren’t going to build you a butt🤷‍♀️

GC gives you the foundation you need to get strong af, build glutes, and feel f*cking great.


  • You are addicted to checking the scale for weight loss

  • You are thinking "maybe I'll try it" with no intention to commit

  • You aren't ready to build muscle and feel strong af

  • You don't have access to equipment 

  • You aren't willing to get into the gym, use the equipment & try new exercises


  • You want to get STRONG AF & build a badass physique

  • You are MENTALLY prepared to crush your goals

  • You are SELF-MOTIVATED, and capable of getting shit done on your own, but just want to be sure you are doing things correctly

  • You are looking for a program that will continue to push your limits

  • You are looking for an easier way to keep track of your workouts & progress

  • You are ready to COMMIT and stay consistent

  • You want to be part of the kick-ass GC CREW!

things I am taking care of for you:

  • how many exercises should I be doing?

  • how many reps should I do?

  • how do I target each different part of the glutes? (glute med, max & min)

  • how do I order my exercises?

  • how can I work up to pull-ups?

  • which exercise are the most effective?

  • how do I properly activate the glutes​?

  • how do I use proper form?

  • how do I target the glutes rather than quads or hamstrings?

  • how many sets should I do?

  • how do I do compound, unilateral, isolation, accessory, and supplementary exercises????

  • how can I get better at push-ups?

  • how long should I be resting between sets?

  • what about exercise tempo?

  • what is muscle failure? how do I do that? how often should I do that?

  • what is muscle hypertrophy?

  • what is progressive overload & how to do it?

  • what are DOMS?

  • where do I put bands to enhance my workouts?🍑🔥


progress & feedback


Q: What format do the workouts come in?
A: They are in a mobile friendly app which includes short 30 second to 3 minute tutorial videos. You can take the workout with you to the gym, hit "start" and track your workout stats!

Q: When do I gain access?
A: As soon as you sign up! You will get an email (or two) to help you get set up and started right away. (Double check your junk mail if you don't see it)

Q: How long do I have access?

A: You will have access to the app for the length of your subscription (or trial). You also have the option to print your workouts from a desktop computer. Or, you can take a screen shot of the workouts and save them to a separate folder in your phone!
All documents included or exchanged between KARI KIRKBRIDE and Client are the intellectual property of KARI KIRKBRIDE. and are not to be copied, sold or redistributed without my written consent.

Q: Can I burn fat with these workouts?
A: Workouts don't burn fat, they burn calories. A long-term calorie deficit will burn fat. Your body burns more calories in the long run by weight lifting than it does with cardio. Weight training is the most effective type of workout in order to change body composition (build muscle and/or burn fat)

Send me a message!

Message me here if you have any questions :)

Thanks for submitting!

Kari Kirkbride Training
1880 London Line, Sarnia, Ontario

Copyright 2023, Kari Kirkbride

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